Besides being a writer, I have been a graphic artist for over twenty years. I have a passion for aesthetics and a deep passion for visual storytelling. What this means is that I love creating visuals for a good story.

As a writer, I understand what it’s like to place your trust in others when it comes to your book baby. As such, I promise to honour that trust to deliver visuals that will help present your book in the best light. Here’s how.


1. Get in touch to get started.

Contact me either by email at pixiestormcrow [at] or message me on Facebook. Let me know which package and what services you are interested in and out he approximate timeline are you thinking of. No deposit required.

2. Let’s talk.

Once we agree on what you want me to create for you, I will send you a form to fill in. The information you provide will help me get an idea of what you are looking for. Send me similar book covers that you like, references for your characters or anything else that you think will help.

This is the stage where there will be a lot of back and forth I may send you images and links in response to ensure you are okay with the stock images I will be working with. Everything I use will have appropriate license for commercial use.

3. Review the rough draft.

You will receive a watermarked rough draft showing the initial composite. Now is the best time to switch out models or photos or make larger changes. The more feedback you give me, the better the final product!

4. Revise as needed.

I want you to have the right are for your book or brand so there is no limit to revisions. I am happy to tweak right up until you plan to use publically used, so please send me your feedback.

5. Delivering the files to you.

The files will be delivered to you in the formats as agreed on. If sizes needed the be adjusted, just let me know!

Interested? Get in touch with me.